Zimbabwe lies on South Africa's north east border. It is renowned for its hospitality and its great hunting. The country is encompassed by the might Zambezi river on its northern border and the Limpopo river on the south. Hunting is available throughout the country, with big game areas mainly in the Zambezi Valley and the Southern Lowveld.


The months of May - October are best for hunting with mainly clear blue skies and mild temperatures. Summers (the rainy season) can be hot (up to 110F in the Valley and the Lowveld), but mild on the higher ground of the main watershed. Days of sunshine alternate with heavy showers.


Temperatures can vary by as much as 50°F from day to night, so a range of clothing is advisable. A hat and good walking boots are essential; Threeways has a recommended clothing and equipment list available on request.


No vaccinations are required for entry into Zimbabwe but your GP or CDC can inform you further. It is advisable to take malaria prophylactics. Zimbabwe is a Tse-Tse fly free zone.


For Leopard and Elephant hunts a certified photocopy of the CITES permit must be brought. Contact the US Fish & Wildlife on 1-800-344-WILD or www.fws.gov


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Any safari activity is potentially hazardous and it is essential that all lawful directions and advice from the safari operator be followed. While Threeways Safaris take every precaution to ensure the safety of the clients, we accept no responsibility for any accident, illness, loss or negligence whatsoever incurred in the course of the safari, or for any expense arising from such accident, illness, loss or negligence.